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top 20 illustrators on behance

Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 2)

Behance – a web network of artistic digital portfolios all ripe for a visual feast. We split this post into four parts since everything delicious has to come in moderation. On our previous post, Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 1), we picked out the first 5 artists who struck our fancy. Now on to the next 5 illustrators on Behance that we love to stalk! 6. Toma Joksaite Toma Joksaite is an illustrator based in Lincoln, United Kingdom. She coins her style from old gothic and art nouveau influence as experienced in her highly-detailed, romantic and graceful work. Forest life interspersed with mythical creatures are her usual subjects – traditionally hand drawn with fine ink pens and watercolours in minimal palettes. When I first...
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