Comic Sans: From Ugly Duckling To Beautiful Swan

Comic Sans - the font that haunted us like a plague since its introduction in the 90's. It’s a sans-serif casual script typeface imitating comic books which got the cool kids thinking – hey, why not? Let’s pretend the world is one big speech bubble. Currently much criticized to the point of a raging online war between lovers and trolls alike, comic sans gets reinvented. Imagine that.

Andrew Gunadie aka Gunnarolla

A really short history lesson. October 1994, Microsoft designer Vincent Connare begins inventing a playful font which, unbeknownst to him, would eventually explode into a worldwide phenomenon and pop-culture staple. Not necessarily a good thing. 2002, two American graphic designers come up with a movement called “Ban Comic Sans” and almost a decade later (something or other) the opposition grew stronger than ever. 

Unfortunately for comic sans...

Finally, 2014 comes along and empathy-fuelled designer Craig Rozynski decides to nurse the poor typeface back to health with a facelift.

“Could Comic Sans be saved?” - Craig Rozynski

Photo from Craig Rozynski's website.

Craig Rosynski's successful call for funding at

Meet Comic Neue. Its dedicated website reads, “Say hello to an unlikely hero.” Since its launch a couple of months ago, Comic Neue had generally more admirers than haters. What do you think? Will the fresher, more refined Comic Neue save the day?

Comic Neue's website.

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