Of Hashtags and Ice Cream

Are you on Instagram too? If you’re one of our Instagram friends, you’re probably familiar with the special hashtag #icecreamcreatives – used for our biweekly contests for features here on the site.

Our Instagram Stream

Inside Scoop

We have to admit, #icecreamcreatives came about because of our team’s love for photography. It was a way to discover budding creatives as well as seasoned photographers we wanted to feature on our website. Just a way of giving our own little shout out to underrated talents in this dedicated space on the inter web.

Biweekly Theme Contests

Every 2 weeks, we hold a unique theme contest. As a nice cherry on top, each winner gets their spot on the homepage slider of this website as well as a feature on our Instagram page: @icecreamcreatives.

We had a lot of fun over at #icecreamcreatives with the community growing considerably from its humble beginnings. Unfortunately, ever since Instagram’s new tagging policy we had to resort to special hashtags specific for each theme contest (e.g. PASTELS - #iccpastels or SMILES - #iccsmiles). The contests held on strong through! It’s the fun that counts in the end after all.

Our Current Theme Contest: THINK PASTEL

The Community

You can’t believe how many times we wanted to throw in the towel and declare, “There are too many good ones! Let’s feature all of them!” On- or off- theme, here are some captures from some talented guys and gals over at the Instagram community hashtag:
















Let us find you and your colorful world!

Check us out on Instagram: @icecreamcreatives, and play along!

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with photo-sharing site Instagram. All photos are credited to their respective owners.

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