Philippine Art In Focus: Botong Francisco, The Muralist

We have always considered Philippine art – its feeling, flow and energy - as an inspiration for much of our designs. Today, we needed a particular kind of intensity which we searched close to home for. With this, Botong Francisco comes to mind.

Carlos “Botong” Francisco revived the long forgotten art of mural painting and has been proclaimed its most distinguished practitioner in the Philippines.

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The Nose Flute, 1955

Botong Francisco devoted himself to his craft. During earlier years down this path, he dedicated study on graphic art and modernism before taking on large-scale murals which he became famous for. He led the core in the struggle for the country’s modern art movement hence belonging to the “first generation modernists”.

The First Mass at Limasawa, 1965

His mural paintings embody the rich tapestry of rhythm, boldness, and inventiveness interwoven by the vibrancy of Philippine folklore, history and traditional life.

Magpupukot (Pulling In the Net), 1957

This National Artist for Painting - considered as the best muralist in the country even long after his passing, lives on through his breath taking historical pieces.

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