Samawati Shop Keeps It Real

Our team here at Ice Cream Creatives managed to get up close and personal with one of our awesome clients, SAMAWATI, based in Kenya. Getting the chance to make them their very own website, we have to admit it was a refreshing collaborative process with owners John and Reiza – who are also just as fun-loving when we met them in person.

Samawati is an online shop which features various trendy and unique fashion pieces for the discerning shopper. In Swahili, it literally means the color blue. Samawati represents tranquility, peace and individuality that form the core of their fashion philosophy. Incidentally, it is also the owners’ favorite color.

John and Reiza’s partnership stemmed from their frustrations with mass produced and bootleg products peddled as authentic brands and sold at inflated prices. This led them to bring authentic brands and individualistic hand-picked fashion wear to their consumers, in turn providing them with a novel shopping experience. The projected growth of the market segment owing to consumer awareness and need to stand out from the crowd served as inspiration (and continue to) for the partners to create this particular fashion hub in the region.

According to John, authenticity and individuality is descriptive of Samawati as a brand and is distinctive from others in the market as clients can enjoy intricately hand-picked pieces guaranteed with brand authenticity over mass produced “department store” ones. They’re surprisingly reasonably priced too!

Samawati plans to expand further into the East African region as well as explore more product categories. In addition, they plan to partner with other like-minded players especially those dealing with fashion accessories and the like.

We couldn’t help but ask John some last words for budding entrepreneurs who are also looking to own a business as we were mighty curious ourselves…

“It is tough to build a brand,” he said. “We have not even begun to scratch the surface ourselves. However, we believe that consistency and honesty is bound to bare fruit in the long run.”

Very well said, John. Kudos! We’ll keep tabs on that.

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