Business of Pleasure: Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café

Hype comes and goes but we’re glad the wellness revolution has surfaced and is finally gaining ground in this day and age. Personally, we get too excited with matters involving food and alternative knickknacks.

Before capping off our short business trip in Makati, we decided to check out a small unassuming café just around the block for a quick nibble. The “organic coffee” sign outside specifically intrigued me being the caffeine nut that I am.

Stepping into Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café was an experience for the senses. Visually, its interiors were charming and the place smelled of a mix of coffee in the morning, sweet oils and lingering scents.

An “apothecary” - isn’t there something so magical about that word? - stood right by the entrance with its enchanting selection of organic bath care, household products, massage oils, and balms. I couldn’t help but sniff everything in sight – because I’m strange like that.

The menu of the day consisted of vegan and non-vegan options (yes, please) and we hurriedly made mental calculations of how much we had left in our pockets lest we end up sharing a glass of tap water.

Thankfully, the rest of their regular menu offered lesser priced dishes while I grinned maniacally at the “organic coffee” options. I love the sound of that. Organic coffee - grown naturally and locally. Not to sound like a hippie, but we have our whole-hearted support for the growth of the Philippine coffee industry. We just aren’t coffee connoisseur material.

“Gimme something to slap me awake,” is what I always say. Strong and black is essentially my entire coffee vocabulary. Which a why Satinka’s ‘Benguet’ ended up in front of me. And in a coffee press too. Delightful! They also have lighter options such as the Cordillera, Sagada, and Kalinga coffee.

George and I decided to share a plate of chicken pasta. Theirs was great beyond pleasure. The mango-mint juice scared him a bit initially but it too was delightful. Their food claims to be freshly made, MSG- and GMO-free and prepped with love. Wow, reassuring comfort food.

I was about to grab me a bottle of Satinka Naturals tea tree oil as a nice souvenir but we were pressed for time and had to rush for a quick errand before heading to the airport fully aware of the traffic buildup outside. Well, maybe that and my depleting funds. Next time then.

- Izi

*They had their official opening last October 24, 2014 with performing guests and art exhibits.n*Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café is located at 1137 Kamagong St., cor. Pasong Tamo, Makati City, Philippines. Tel. # 0927 761 9799

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