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Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 4)

We’ve been writing about the top 20 illustrators that we love to stalk on Behance lately and we’ve chopped up the entry into 4 separate series to let you percolate in anticipation. In culmination of the Behance Illustrators series, allow us to present to you the final leg with 5 more artists you should be checking out on the online portfolio showcase. 16. Hsiao-Ron Cheng Hsiao-Ron Cheng is an illustrator based in Taiwan with a focus on editorial design and graphic art. Her work is depicted in delicate fine lines – almost wispy – of botanicals and portraits in light pastels. Her personal website: All photos courtesy of 17. Anne Yvonne Gilbert Anne Yvonne Gilbert is an illustrator...
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Top 20 Ilustrators on Behance

Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 3)

Searching around for the most interesting artists online has become one fascinating past time for us here at the studio. Behance is just one of those mediums where we can spend hours just staring at the computer screen. And now for the third part of our series, we present more illustrators on Behance that we love to stalk! 11. Michal Dziekan Michal Dziekan is an illustrator and character designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He worked in sets of animated commercials and films, and post-production studios as a concept artist before choosing to launch a freelance career. His work feature stylized illustrations reminiscent of animation and editorials. They’re so vivid and full of movement despite being still – all that’s left to do is to come alive and...
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top 20 illustrators on behance

Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 2)

Behance – a web network of artistic digital portfolios all ripe for a visual feast. We split this post into four parts since everything delicious has to come in moderation. On our previous post, Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 1), we picked out the first 5 artists who struck our fancy. Now on to the next 5 illustrators on Behance that we love to stalk! 6. Toma Joksaite Toma Joksaite is an illustrator based in Lincoln, United Kingdom. She coins her style from old gothic and art nouveau influence as experienced in her highly-detailed, romantic and graceful work. Forest life interspersed with mythical creatures are her usual subjects – traditionally hand drawn with fine ink pens and watercolours in minimal palettes. When I first...
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Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 1)

“How! How is it possible for a human mind to come up with that?” we find ourselves yelling out almost every time we click on the profiles of these absolute creative geniuses. Behance is a web network showcasing artistic professionals’ online portfolios – a huge medium for self-promotion. We’ve split this blog entry into four separate series so as not to overwhelm your mind with so much in so little time. Let’s get on with the show: here is the first 5 of the top 20 Illustrators on Behance we love to stalk. 1. David Sossella David Sossella is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Italy with various works circulated across several exhibitions and publications. One of his more notable ones include the one he authored for the Never Hide...
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