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Why The Name ‘Ice Cream Creatives’?

Previously, we highlighted the wonderfully complicated (or not) events which led to the creation of Ice Cream Creatives. Then the questions began. “Do you sell ice cream?” Yeah! The essence of it. Ice cream is fun. There is adventure in creative design. The only limit one can have is the one he sets for himself. What makes Ice Cream Creatives fresh is the constant inspiration we take from our favourite workplace – the big wild world. Ice cream is a go-to happy treat. The lure of this goodness in a cup can be a heartsick cure-all. When you have a business that flounders and is lack-luster, Ice Cream Creatives can help find its cheerful soul and possibly help it get back on its feet. Ice cream is cool. Investing in good design can do wonders for...
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Ice Cream Creatives Is Born

We are a young team set on bringing your designs to life! We’ve had the idea of putting up a graphic and web design studio for years but after the finishing touches towards finally making the dream come to life, we realized the perfect name for it still evaded us. On one supremely sunny day, it just materialized. We had a cold local snack called Halo-halo (mixed fruits topped with milk and ice cream) to keep us sane when the name struck us solid. Hey - why not serve up some ‘ice cream’? Why ‘ice cream’ though? We’re not sorbeteros (ice cream vendors) by any means… but we do aim to serve up the essence of it. Ice Cream Creatives will bring the flavour back in your business.
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