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Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café

Business of Pleasure: Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café

Hype comes and goes but we’re glad the wellness revolution has surfaced and is finally gaining ground in this day and age. Personally, we get too excited with matters involving food and alternative knickknacks. Before capping off our short business trip in Makati, we decided to check out a small unassuming café just around the block for a quick nibble. The “organic coffee” sign outside specifically intrigued me being the caffeine nut that I am. Stepping into Satinka Naturals Bistro & Café was an experience for the senses. Visually, its interiors were charming and the place smelled of a mix of coffee in the morning, sweet oils and lingering scents. An “apothecary” - isn’t there something so magical about that word? - stood right by the...
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PS Menu Cover

PS Bakery & Bistro Menu

PS Bakery & Bistro Menu Cover - Front PS Bakery & Bistro Menu Cover - Back PS BAKERY & BISTRO MENU PS Bakery & Bistro Menu is a commissioned project by a good friend of ours. Established since 2009, PS Bakery & Bistro has been serving the most mouth-watering foods from pizzas, baked rice, pasta, soups and mains in Singapore. Their products are handmade, from the pizza crust, to the flavorful sauces and the tasty soups. You can check out their website at PS Bakery & Bistro Disclaimer: Ice Cream Creatives does not claim full ownership of this project.
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