Top 20 Illustrators on Behance We Love To Stalk (Part 1)

“How! How is it possible for a human mind to come up with that?” we find ourselves yelling out almost every time we click on the profiles of these absolute creative geniuses. Behance is a web network showcasing artistic professionals’ online portfolios – a huge medium for self-promotion.

We’ve split this blog entry into four separate series so as not to overwhelm your mind with so much in so little time. Let’s get on with the show: here is the first 5 of the top 20 Illustrators on Behance we love to stalk.

1. David Sossella

David Sossella is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Italy with various works circulated across several exhibitions and publications. One of his more notable ones include the one he authored for the Never Hide campaign for Ray-Ban. He incorporated his love for Japanese art mixed in with other elements to give him his distinct style today.

2. Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia is an illustrator and surface designer based in Minnesota, USA. He has an unusual, almost other-worldly style that provokes us to stare at his artwork for long minutes on end. As a textile designer, he explores dreamlike prints and patterns integrating hints of occult themes.

His personal website:

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3. Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is an illustrative designer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has several decades of experience in the field as well as multiple awards up his sleeve – and what better way to back this up than through a trove of fascinating art.

His personal website:

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4. Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur is a London-based illustrator gaining much attention for vivid, wildly detailed, and oftentimes bizarre yet realistic portraiture.

“I’ve also gained much inspiration through cartoons art and lighting; people’s facial expressions, eyes and different forms of organic patterns and shapes.” – Iain Macarthur

His ‘Transformation’ series in particular does indeed blow the mind. Pun intended. Lucky for us, he specializes in tattoo design as well.

His personal website:

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5. Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai is an illustrator from Hong Kong based in Brooklyn, New York. She – yes, she – is a multi-award winning artist also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 just this year. Her artwork is delicate, full of depth and details favouring Eastern influence woven into a fantasy cosmos of her own design.

Her personal website:

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If you don’t stalk them already, give them a peep on Behance and maybe - just maybe - they would light up your world as much as they did ours. Part 2 will be coming right up.

Disclaimer: All artwork presented in this article are linked and credited to their respective owners. We do not claim rights. We are independent and not commissioned by Behance for this series.

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