Top Creative Design Trends of 2014… So Far

2014 is a year of extremes. The extremely old school or the extremely contemporary. To create a fusion between these two elements at each end of the spectrum is how great designers have bent and shaped the top creative design trends of 2014.

A couple have been trending since the beginning of the year and up until the mid we’ve been seeing quite a sustained flow of some of these design trends.

Old school. Retro. Vintage.

It’s no surprise that we look to the past for inspiration. Recycling of ideas – what’s new? 

Made by hand. Illustrations, calligraphy, artworks not digitally synthesized have slowly gained a comeback. It only makes sense after decades of sculpting and skewing design through… how shall we say it… digital applications. You can see it almost everywhere.  Some even make it their own kind of branding – and rightfully so.

Masterpieces from our favorite designer, Andreas M. Hansen.

Analogue. Okay, let’s put the spotlight on photography for a moment… ever since the acceleration of the analogue camera back to the top of the lifestyle ladder (with the combined novel efforts of companies such as Polaroid or Lomo, coupled with the proliferation of media-sharing filter monster applications such as Instagram or VSCO), film or “faux film” reproductions have been as popular as ever. 2012, 2013, 2014. Who knows when this beautiful madness will begin slowing down?

Sophie Van Der Perre's soulful work.

Imitative of nearby decades. 70s, 80s, 90s. Crazy patterns, pops of colour – nostalgia-inducing elements here and there have seeped back through into our creative hunger pangs. You may want some acid-washed jeans, rollerskates and big hair after this.

Alex Varanese's genius.


Why is it that minimalism is oftentimes used parallel to contemporary? Perhaps it’s because form and functionality are of utter importance in this modern age that design has been continuously stripped down to its bare essentials time and time again. That's what we think anyway.

Geometric. Kind of makes me think of origami. Or something quite fixated and technical.

Logo for musician Audio Textile designed by Ice Cream Creatives.

Thin lines. A slice of visual Zen amidst clutter and information overload.

Textures. ‘Zen’ need not be a bore.

Flat. In the web and graphic design field, flat design has become all the rage this year. Clean layouts, simplistic and easily adaptable, strong typography with heaps of subtle details present themselves in the most utilitarian ways. This currently much talked about style has garnered lovers and haters alike. Let’s move on - What’s next?

A cool modern website for Fonden VoxHall.

And that wraps up our top creative design trends of 2014. We can only guess what’s waiting around the corner to meet 2015 and beyond.

Disclaimer: All artwork and photographs on this article are linked and credited to their respective owners. We do not claim rights unless stated otherwise.

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