What To Do To Get Design Inspiration

It’s not uncommon for designers to hit the brick wall when it comes to ideas. Or worse, inspiration. We can sit around all day with a head full of nothing or be bursting to the brim that sleep becomes an impossibility. Designing is a tricky process. Sometimes desperation seeps through and this could affect one’s work. Here are some suggestions on what to do to get design inspiration.

Disconnect. Staring at a screen all day can lead to the opposite of productivity. Either it can overwhelm or worse… stump the creative process. Maybe it’s time to put away some things, head outside and clear your head.

Connect. This isn’t necessarily contradictory to the first tip. People. That’s the word. It’s amazing how engaging in social behaviour can do wonders for a positive flow of ideas. The greatest minds often come together to share and deliberate on a mountain of possibilities.

Look around. Most times, the best ideas stem from those that already exist. Think about how every day can become monotonous with people looking but not seeing. Design inspiration is everywhere. It’s up to you to be curious enough.

Look inside. It’s been said that anything that stirs emotion, thought or memory can be a good source of inspiration. Begin asking questions like, “What drives me?” “What am I passionate about?” “What keeps me motivated?” One can say we ourselves are our best resource.

Daydream. Not the most conventional way for most, but being a "creative" this can become your secret weapon. Relax and step out of the boundaries your ‘logical’ mind may have. Be as far out as you can possibly imagine. Who knows you might just catch a glimpse of your next best idea.

Here’s to getting inspired!

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